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17-08-11, 11:28
I would like to use this thread for Fan Issues and events. Too include but not limited to Fan Representative and Fan Project events (banner painting events, fan trains, etc…)

If you hear of an event please add it here. I am only one person and I cannot possibly keep up with all of the super events that are going on out there. Most all of the events have people that speak English at them so that should not be an issue. If you have a question about an event or would like to attend an event please write your questions here. I am sure that one of the fans that speak English would be happy to help you or meet with you at the event. The events might be anything from a fest, a competition between fan groups, a fan train, painting banners for the home games, etc…..

If you have any fan issues you can either list them here and have them addressed by other fans or you can send a PM to our fan reps Thomas or Nina. They both speak super English and have been a lot of help to me in the past. You can also send an e-mail to: info@adler-fanprojekt.de and they will get back with you.

We would also welcome any information that the people from the Fan Project would like to share with us.

Remember it is one thing to say “I go watch hockey games” but it is something totally different to say “I am a hockey fan” Become part of the Fan Culture for the Adler Mannheim don’t just read about it live it. How do you do that….. easy just get involved and then you will understand what “Mannheim Feur Immer” means.

Blau Weiss Rot das Sind Unsere Farben
(Blue, White, Red, those are our colors)

17-08-11, 12:03
This is not really a Fan-Event but in away it is so.....

The Teddy Bear Toss (http://www.adler-fanprojekt.de/aktuellestermine/) is on 27 Nov 11 (Mannheim vs Munich).

Please start collecting stuffed animals to throw on the ice after the game. We really want to break the current record of 26,919 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teddy_bear_toss) Teddy Bears, so we need ALL of the FANS to participate. :]


25-10-11, 14:54
Teddy Bear Toss is getting close so I thought we should move this thread back up again.

01-11-11, 07:52
I have been told by several Adler fans that they would love for the Adler to break the record of stuffed animals thrown/collected at one of these events. They told me the record was over 26,000! So to help out and do my part to try to break the record and most important to give some needy kids a Christams, I will bring 3 maybe 4 to throw. Lets all get behind this and make it happen.

01-11-11, 15:15
It would be cool to know how many of the stuffed Adlers from the fan shop get sold that night.

19-03-12, 13:50
Wednesday (21 March) is Fan flag day!!
Show the team we are behind them. Lets turn the Arena into a blue-white-red sea of flags to signal to our team that now it is for everything. Bring your flags with you and wave them by the introduction- It is playoff time!!

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