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18-08-11, 21:04
Condensed from the information provided by Paige

19.8.11 European Trophy: Adler Mannheim - HC Kometa Brno
Beginn: 19.30 Uhr



http://www.regenbogen.de/content/html/shared/webradio/index.html?id=1 - we hope


Daniel Piechaczek, Florian Zehetleitner - Markku Büse, Stefan Velkoski


The game is being played in Innsbruck.

Up next for the Adler is the team, HC Kometa Brno.
HC Kometa earned five points in their first three games of the European Trophy. They have won one in regulation, won one in penalties, and lost one.

The Adler Mannheim have earned three points in the one game they have played so far. The Adler are the home team for this game.



Forum Kometa Brno:

Team Roster Kometa Brno:

Ice Hall Innsbruck (Tiroler Wasserkraft Arena):
http://www.haifischbecken.at/hallen,pid,62,mbid,1287391189,bid,1287392294,lid,d e.html

18-08-11, 21:08
well i think i would like a repetition of the last game without the game suspension ;-)

lets go mannheim

19-08-11, 22:36
Adler win 5-4

wow 8 goals in the last period, 3 in the last two minutes. Can't wait to hear what the people that were there have to say.

19-08-11, 22:38
Nearly a repitition...we still won but with less ( i think half) penalties.

19-08-11, 23:00
I would really like to know what happened in the third. Did they slow down? were the shots stoppable? was it just bad luck?
I think what is important though is that after each goal scored against them they seemed to step back up and did not deflate like we have seen in other years.

19-08-11, 23:33
According to Antti (Webradio) there was a decent game. In Vienna, Mannheim took many penalties but in this game significalty less. Not so good the goal against Mannheim at Powerplay to Mannheim, but s*** happens.

One thing at the end: I´m so happy, because the shoot goals in this two games. Not one or two at one game like the last season.

20-08-11, 08:55
Yes getting a short handed goal against you is never good but your right it t can happen. Seeing offensive hockey with a stable defense will be nice. We also have to note that Brückmann was in goal. He needs to get his playing time to help improve his game and give him experience. Of course the issue with the back up goalie is an old story in Mannheim, lets hope this year it changes some. In my opinion besides the ability for teams to go between the first and second league (auf and ab stieg) I think the biggest issue without the cooperation between the DEL and the second league is our backup goalie gets no game time in Heilbronn to help him maintain his skills. In away may work out to his advantage as it may force the Adler to give him more DEL ice time. I guess we will see.

20-08-11, 09:45
Pictures: http://www.adler-mannheim.de/fz_dbgalerie_newgalerie.php?nr=171

22-08-11, 12:45
A fan impression: copied from Tallsson post in the German section: http://www.adler-fanprojekt.de/multimedia/bilder/saison-201112/19-20-08-2011-innsbruck/