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Steve Kelly #11
25-08-11, 14:46
The following article is a bit older, but in my opinion it shows some interesting facts about Mannheim´s new defender Jaime Sifers, on and off the ice.
I hope, it is okay, that I have opened up a new thread for the story.

Wolves defenseman Jaime Sifers gives the team his all, on and off the ice.

By Elizabeth Casey | Photos by Ross Dettman

When youth hockey players first hit the ice, most of them love to score goals. A handful will be intrigued with the unique equipment and challenge that goes along with goaltending, but it takes a special type of kid to see the allure in being a defenseman.

Jaime Sifers was one of those kids, although he really isn’t sure exactly why.
“I was seven or eight and was with my first travel team. We were having a team meeting and our coach asked if anybody wanted to play defense and I just raised my hand. I have no idea why,” he laughed. “I just thought it’d be cool and I literally have been playing defense ever since.”


Read more... (http://www.chicagowolves.com/multimedia/breakaway-magazine/2566-breakaway-magazine-vol-3-issue-13-jaime-sifers-determined-defender-by-elizabeth-casey)

25-08-11, 15:05
good article, hope he continues all of that here :-)