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03-09-11, 00:57
The DPL Inline Hockey Finals will be held at Friedrichspark on 10 September. Each year, a number of Adler players are on hand as VIPs for the event. Numerous ex-pros will be playing in the final, while Adler players watch from above, then help present the trophies following the final games.

Saturday's schedule is as follows:

1400 - Division II
1530 - Division I
1700 - Premier Division followed by Trophy presentation
1900 - Live music from Blow the Fuse and overall stadiumfest

Entrance is free.....Adler items will be raffled off (Tombola)

08-09-11, 17:57
I just found out that Udo will be announcing the Inline Finals on Saturday and that a number of Adler players will be there to hand out trophies. Freddy will definately be there...

Please check out the link - http://www.dpliga.com/cms/front_content.php?idcat=272&idart=932

08-09-11, 21:21
I've been there for most of the games so I will definetly be there for the finals :-D

Jens Schubert
08-09-11, 22:30
I'm planning to be there too

I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=49.468028,8.194444

11-09-11, 12:54
Division II Champions are the DPL Stars II
Division I Champions are the Monsters III
Premier Division Champions are the Baden Bruins.

Congratulations Guys!! It was a great afternoon.