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01-10-11, 12:52
Translated and condensed from the information provided by Paige in the German section:

1.10.11 Adler Mannheim - EHC München (Munich)
Beginn: 19.30 Uhr





Schütz - Hoppe, Hurtik


Mannheim is currently in second place point equal to the first place team from Hamburg. Munich is in third place only one point behind both Hamburg and Mannheim. This will be the first meeting of the two teams this season.



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02-10-11, 00:12
Adlers win 4-3 in regualtion. Goals were made by Magowan, Lehoux, Sifers, and game-saver by Lee. Three out of the 4 were powerplay goals. Though the powerplays still aren't that impressive somehow the puck gets to the net :-D

The referees were ridiculously bad. The call on Kink was a joke and I still don't understand what the big deal was and because of that call Munich was able to score...twice.

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Lee's (upper right) game saving goal

02-10-11, 16:12
+ 3 points and back on top
+ still a never say die attitude from the team
+ enjoyed a jungadler game (2 periods anyway) before the regular game
+ Seidenberg's 500 game
+ power play goals (power play made some improvements but has a ways to go)
+ Bruckmann (again)

- the officiating there was no standard he threw his arm up randomly (no player from either team could know where the lines were because there were none)
- the 5+20 penalty against Kink (not getting into if it was fair or not, if it was it gets a minus for bad call, if it was really a 5 minute major than it gets a minus for dumb)
- people starting to sing sieg (win) with more that a minute left to play. This is hockey the score can change a lot quicker than that.

02-10-11, 18:49
i disagree the refs were consistent : in calling penalties against mannheim .:schlecht: . munich can really thank him for two goals. but kink i dont know what he thought he wanted to do but it went not as planned :hmpf:

nice check from belle but (of course) the refs cant tell a legal check from an illegal. Am not sure who lectured whom when the two of them were talking in the break.
petermann hasnt changed much, playing dirty little tricks and :cry: all the time.

am really looking forward to tuesday night.

02-10-11, 22:03
Hello meow,

after having a look at the scene which led to the game-misconduct at DelTV, I could agree with the ref's decision. He is clearly hitting the opponent after checking him down - I think this was the action the ref sancionated...

03-10-11, 09:19
The referees blew a lousy game (on both sides) but after looking at the DEL TV video, I think the call against Kink was justified. So my plus and minuses should say - 5 minute penalty dumb.

I also do not think the referee called against Mannheim (5 penalties for us 7 for Munich) I just do not feel he was at all consistent. One minute something was a penalty the next minute it was not and vice-verse.