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01-11-11, 09:03
Translated and condensed from information provided by Paige in the German section of forum.

1.11.11 DEG Metro Stars - Adler Mannheim
Beginn: 18.05 Uhr




Live ab 18:00 Uhr auf Sky Sport 2 und Sky Sport HD 2

Piechaczek, Schukies - Gemeinhardt, Schrader

The Adler are currently in first place with 34 points and the DEG is in 11th place with 17 points.
The teams have played one time already this year with the Adler winning 8:6.




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01-11-11, 09:12
"Good crowd out there tonight, boys, let's really try to win this one." - Joe McGrath GM Charlestown Chiefs.

Hopefully the Adler can bounce back quickly from that last game. Lets go Adler. Kick some ICE!

01-11-11, 11:37
whish I was going but at least we can watch it on Sky

01-11-11, 11:53
Thank God for my Sky. I wish I lived closer, but at least I have a job at a place that is not closing for a long time. So Sky for me until, at least it looks like until for now, the Teddy Bear Toss game.

01-11-11, 18:20
First goal given up before 4 minutes gone. Sifers got turned around and beaten bad on the play leaving Freddy hanging out to dry.

01-11-11, 18:46
First period comes to an end with the score tied 1-1. Adler get a bit of a break-a-way shorthanded with Arendt getting off a good shot and the DEG goalie leaving a FAT rebound out there that MacDonald "no doubts" into the back of the net.

01-11-11, 18:58
Referee is calling the correct calls...... and it's killing us. Quick note..... The DEL is using the 4 man system tonight. DEG score a 5 on 3 PP goal. Lead 2-1. Time to try to kill off second penalty. Killed off the other penalty with no more damage.
Bad pass gives DEG a break-a-way, but Belle showed he's got some legs on him and gets back and breaks it up. Belle can play good hockey, just needs to stay out of the box.
DEG go to the box for hooking. Adler get a chance or two and then with 30 seconds remaining on the Adler PP, Seidenberg high sticks a DEG player. No goal for the Adler and time to kill another penalty. Adler kill it with no goal for DEG.
Adler now back on the PP when DEG trip Glumac. Nice shot on the PP from Lee, ringing it off the crossbar. The Adler get some nice shots..... but no goal. Now 0-3 on PP tonight.
Linesman takes a puck to the face and is cut. Blood on the ice and a delay now. Now 2 referees on the ice and one linesman. One of the referees will assume the linesman duties, which could be trouble since he has been refereeing and now having to go back to his Linesman days.
ANOTHER check from behind. At least its not Belle. But time to kill another penalty and lose a player for 10 minutes. The guilty Adler player is #44.
Kink just gets away with a cross check off the faceoff. We kill the penalty. The Adler are doing well on the PK, but need to stay out of the box. How long can we keep killing without it catching up to us?
Great puck work from the Adler and score the GOAL to tie it at 2 with under 3 minutes to go in the second. Announcer said Kink had the goal which has been corrected to Ullman.
With 35 seconds remaining... DEG score. Freddy makes first stop and loses the puck, by the time he or another Adler player find it, its in the net. Where is our defense? Did they miss the bus?
Second period ends with DEG leading 3-2.

01-11-11, 20:28
Now thats HOCKEY BABY!! Linesman gets cut and has to get stitched up and is back on the ice for the third period.
Great puck steal, shot and GOAL from Mitchell. Score tied again... 3-3.
Penalty on DEG. Lets try to get that 0 for off the board.
PP GOAL for the Adler. Glumac scores the PP goal. Under reveiw..... No goal. Net off the peg. Bad luck. Adler now 0-4.
Goal for Macdonald. Another "no doubt" type of goal. Adler up for the first time 3-4/
DEG being DEG score to tie it 4-4. Adler had a great chance and missed, DEG come back down and score to tie the game at 4.
Another goal for the DEG. Adler having a hard time clearing the zone. DEG lead 5-4. The Adler now have 5 games they have given up at least 5 goals. They lead the league. Not a stat to be happy about.
A late slash penalty on the Adler for Seidenberg. We need to stop the late penalties.
We kill it, but waste time we need.
Final score 5-4 for the DEG. More wasted chances. More late penalties. More gaols against than for us. Something's gotta give.

01-11-11, 20:39
William I do not think it was the same linesman. They said the new guy was there private to watch the game and they pulled him in, at least that is what me and my wife thought we heard.

we took way too many penalties, and two extremely bad timed ones. Reul leading to the 3 on 2 and Seidenberg in the last three minutes.

Our defense needs a lot of work. When the offense shoots 4-5 goals in a game the defense should be able to hold out for a win.

I would be curious to know how many of the goals against us (in all games) were shot in the last minute of a period. It seems like we get way to comfortable in the last couple of minutes of a period (any period) and that results in a goal against.

Oh well time to shake it off two more games before the break.

01-11-11, 22:42
It seems the Adlers are back to taking stupid penalties and wanting one last look in the box before the game is over. We were able to score on thier powerplay but couldn't make it happen on the 4 chances we had and it makes it difficult to score when they continue to get penalties at the worst possible moments. Freddy was in goal again...I say let Felix play a few and give Freddy a rest, at least one of the games this weekend.
There were still a good number of shots on goal so at least they are making some sort of effort but DEG had less shots and won plus the Adlers had nearly 3 times the amount of penalties minutes. They can't afford to lose any more games before the short break.

02-11-11, 09:57
...Freddy was in goal again....I say let Felix play a few and give Freddy a rest, at least one of the games this weekend......

I have to agree the defense seems to play a little harder when Felix is in and Felix has had a great start this year so lets use him some more.

02-11-11, 11:59
Well I'm not sure if our defense plays harder with Felix in the goal, in the present situation.
The defense looks often very confused. They have pretty problem to get the puck under control. And in cause of this, we hardly can shoot the puck out of our zone. Some of the players are totally under pressure when the game gets quick and then make wrong desisions. They don't watch their teammates where they are on the ice and who is in a good position to get the pass without loosing the puck to the rival.

Hope everbody understands my german English :]


02-11-11, 12:55
Your English is very understandable. Thanks for joining us.

You are right they do look confused and we take way to long trying to get the puck out of our own zone, if we get it out at all. The awareness of what is happening on the ice is missing and leading to way too many lousy passes.

But still sometimes a change in goalies shakes things up, I don't know if it would work here but what the heck it is worth a shot.

02-11-11, 16:22
The game against the DEG that was played at the SAP, not sure of the date, but I was there, where the DEG had a two goal lead 5 different times was a game that I felt Kreis should have taken Freddy out for Felix just to "shake" things up. He is way to loyal to Freddy and that could hurt us later.
As for the defense, one problem they need training in is puck handling. How many give-a-ways did we have last night? I honestly lost count.

02-11-11, 18:10
William I do not think it was the same linesman. They said the new guy was there private to watch the game and they pulled him in, at least that is what me and my wife thought we heard.

I had the announcers turned off and listed to only the arena sounds, so you very well could be right. Its rare that I listen to announcers, since what I have learned from the past, is most have very little knowledge of the game.