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26-08-12, 10:33
Information translated and condensed from information provided by Paige in the German part of this forum.

26.8.12 European Trophy: Adler Mannheim - Frölunda Indians 1:3 loss

Begin: 15.00 Uhr








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http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fr%C3%B6lunda_Indians (not up todate)

27-08-12, 09:33
It was the first game of the year that I have seen in person so I will try and go light:

Our passes seem to be very exact to me. Exactly to the opponent......

We are not getting the puck out of our own defensive zone which is leading to too many turn overs in our own zone. Which let to at least one goal yesterday.

The poor goalie left on his own, making you wonder where the defense is.

Not enough serious testing of the other teams goal (read not enough real shots on goal)

All problems that are a carry over from last year (or two or three or......)

We also seemed slower than the opponent, like we could not keep up. (that of course could be because of playing the second game in two days and the Indians having Saturday off)

I wonder how much of what we saw was the trainer trying this and that, just to see what works with this team and what does not.

I am not going to hammer on the officiating yet as it is also preseason for them and they are adapting and adjusting just like the teams are. When the season starts I can pick up on my conversations with William :-)

27-08-12, 18:03
Sunday's game was better then Saturdays...they fought a little more, maybe because the opponent was clearly better. I don't know what the stats were for either games on shots on goal...but to me it seemed like they were making more oppurtunities and taking shots on Sunday and not dancing as much with the puck like they did on Saturday.