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04-11-12, 08:20
Translated and condensed from information provided by Paige in the German section of this forum.

4.11.12 Adler Mannheim - Hannover Scorpions
Begin: 14.30



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HSR: Schimm, Willi
HSR2: Zehetleitner, Florian
LSR1: Mosler, Markus
LSR2: Starke, Matthias

Mannheim is currently in second place in the DEL with 31 points, five points behind Cologne. Hannover is currently in eleventh place with 21 points.
The Adler have three injured players that will be unavailable for the game, Ken Magowan (break of the bones in the eye orbit), Denis Reul (concussion), and Marcel Goc (Torn ligament in the ankle)


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05-11-12, 09:02
was not impressed with the game at all.

+ 1 point earned
+ Family day

- should have been three points not just one
- puck control or more like lack of puck control. I lost count of how many times we lost control of the puck and I am not talking about stolen or battles, just lost control of the puck for no reason.

I would also like to Thank the lady that wanted to look after my baby daughters well being by telling my wife and I that we are irresponsible (closest translation) for bringing her to the game. I realize she meant well but instead of walking down and rudely calling us irresponsible and walking off. She might have said why and attempted to engage in dialogue. Maybe she knows something that we do not or maybe she thinks she knows something that we have already looked into and found out was ok. Being rude did not help her cause at all and going to complain to the ordner who can do absolutely nothing about it did not help her cause either. I am glad I maintained my cool and only replied to her (as she was walking away) "good that you shared your opinion"

05-11-12, 10:42
I think everyone's stick, not just Mannheim, had grease on the end of their sticks. It seemed like there could be 4 players whacking away at the puck and it wouldn't move an inch.

It was nice to see Mannheim attempting to check along the boards...missed quite a lot but for the first and most of the second period the refs seemed to let things go and allow the teams to play. However, I would rather Mannheim play the puck instead of trying to make a good hit that will more then likely send them to the penalty box.