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23-11-12, 16:33
Translated and condensed from information provided by Paige in the German section of this forum.

23.11.12 Adler Mannheim - Kölner Haie
Begin: 19.30

Hold you favorite jersey in the air when the players come out. Hold the back toward the ice. The goal is to have as many jerseys in the air as possible and show the different Jerseys and history of hockey in Mannheim



http://www.regenbogen.de/content/html/shared/webradio/index.html?id=1- https://www.facebook.com/adlerwebradio

Live at 19.25 on http://www.laola1.tv/de/de/eishockey/del-deutsche-eishockey-liga/adler-mannheim-koelner-haie/video/460-1369-98797.html
23.15 Uhr Servus Hockey Night - Kompakt

HSR: Lenhart, Carsten
HSR2: Schimm, Willi
LSR1: Kowert, Andreas
LSR2: Schelewski, Robert

The Adler are currently in first place with 41 points, while Cologne is in second place with 36 points. Dennis Endras will be in goal for the Adler. With the exception of Ken Magowan all players are available for the game.

Banner Ceremony: The Adler will retire three numbers at the game from MERC players in the 1950s and 1960s. Werner Lorenz (#2), Bruno Guttowski (#12), and Kurt Sepp (#10). Craig MacDonald will be the last active Adler to wear the number 10, the number 2 and 12 are no longer in use.

The Adler will wear a jersey from the 1964-1966 as a warm up jersey and will play in a jersey design from the 1950s. The jersey from the 1950s is the same jersey that the three retired players wore.

The Ceremony as well as the full game is available live at www.laola1.tv zu sehen or on Webradio by Radio Regenbogen

Fun Facts:
DEL first ranked team against the DEL second ranked team +++ Cologne lost the last four in a row +++ Cologne the best away team in the DEL +++ The Adler are the best home team in the DEL +++ The Adler have the best (27,27%), The Haie the third best (18,75%) Powerplay in the DEL +++ also in Penalty Kill the teams are number one (Adler 88,64%) and three (Haie 87,06%) +++ Haie-Goalie Danny aus den Birken is the number one Goalie in the DEL (Fangquote 94,2%), Dennis Endras is hte number three(92,8%) +++ Colognes back up Goalie Youri Ziffzer is number 17 in the league (89,4%) +++ Both of Colognes Goalies were the Goalie pair for the JungAdler between 2001 and 2003


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25-11-12, 17:02
I don't think Mannheim showed up to play. The goalie should have been switched out, it may not have been all his fault but a change in goalie may have kicked the rest of the team in gear because let's face it...it couldn't have gotten any worse.

Nice banner ceremony though...made it worth going to