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10-01-14, 13:13
Yanick Lehoux will not play the rest of the 2013/14 season for the Adler Mannheim. Lehoux has 23 points in 35 games for the Adler this year (7 goals / 16 assists). Mannheimís new Head Coach Hans Zach and Yanick Lehoux had a meeting on Wednesday morning and decided that they could not work together.
The Adler agreed to the desires of both coach and player and have released the player until 30 April 2014. the Adler will wait until the end of the current season to discuss a possible return from Yanick Lehoux next season.

Whether or not Lehoux will play the rest of the season with another team in the DEL is not yet clear.


10-01-14, 13:16
It is clear that Yanick is not able to play in another DEL Team this season..
The transfer period ended 31 of December 2013.

10-01-14, 13:18
Zach said Lehoux's style of play was not helping the Adler.....

considering with his style of play (that was not helping the Adler) only one Adler had earned more points (Hecht). So he had better results with his style of play than all of the other Adler (offensive) players. WTF is the measure for helping the team?? If you are doing better at your job than all but one person and you are not helping the team than WTF does that say about the rest of the team??

They started the firing at the wrong place in my opinion.

10-01-14, 13:19
@ Langer_JK

that is true but in my defense, the above article was the English translation of the article that the Adler first released. ;-)

10-01-14, 13:28
on that topic though,

I know he can not transfer to another team BUT can he still be loaned out to another team? (like Robert Mueller was loaned out to Duisburg) I am not familiar with the rules on loaning out players and if it falls under the transfer rules.

10-01-14, 13:54
Good question...

the only difference I see here, is that Robert didn't used a foreigner licence.
I have no clue if this has an inpact for such a transfer...

Al Birdy
10-01-14, 16:06
It is not possible to transfer or loan any player(german or foreign) to another DEL-Team after December 31st.