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23-03-14, 11:11
Translated and condensed from information provided by Paige in the German section of this forum

23.3.14 Kölner Haie - Adler Mannheim
Begin: 14.30


http://eingenetzt.org/ - http://live.24liveblog.com/1260061

http://www.regenbogen.de/content/htm...ndex.html?id=1 - https://www.facebook.com/adlerwebradio

Live on ServusTV and as Stream starting 14.10 in light coverage along side the main event ERCI vs KEV

HSR: Bauer, Stephan
HSR2: Brüggemann, Lars
LSR1: Berger, Eugen
LSR2: Gemeinhardt, Thomas

Game four of the best of Seven Quarter-Finals: Cologne leads the series 2:1

Injured for Mannheim: Christoph Ullmann (Season ending injury)

** Healthy scratch for Mannheim: Unknown at this time

**due to too many players on the roster three Adler must sit out each game, either injured or healthy scratch

In Goal for Mannheim: Dennis Endras


Forum/Social Media Haie:

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Mannheim Quarter Finals Schedule:
Sunday, 16.3.2014, 14:30: Adler Mannheim – Kölner Haie
Wednesday, 19.3.2014, 19:30: Kölner Haie – Adler Mannheim
Friday, 21.3.2014, 19:30: Adler Mannheim – Kölner Haie
Sunday, 23.3.2014, 14:30: Kölner Haie – Adler Mannheim
Wednesday, 26.3.2014, 19:30: Adler Mannheim – Kölner Haie (if needed)
Friday, 28.3.2014, 19:30: Kölner Haie – Adler Mannheim ( if needed)
Sunday, 30.3.2014, 14:30: Adler Mannheim – Kölner Haie (if needed)

For the play-offs, face off time is: Weekdays, 19:30, Saturdays and Holidays 17:45, and Sundays 14:30

If a play-off game ends in a tie there will be a 15 minute break followed by a 20 minute Sudden Death Overtime Period. If no goal was scored the process will repeat itself until a goal is scored. There is NO SHOOT-OUTS IN THE PLAY-OFFS! The teams will switch sides for each period and the ice will be cleaned during the break between each period.

There will be a 90 second "power break" each period during regulation. There will be NO "power break" during Overtime Periods

23-03-14, 22:20
From what I could tell, they played slightly better then they had at home. However, when Koln scored that first goal, as always, it knocks Mannheim to thier knees.

Thier puck possession, management, and control has been terrible. They haven't look like a play-off team at all. Thank goodness for the goalies who have bailed the entire team out time after time all season long.
Aside from not being shut-out again, the only positive note to these games have been the fan sections.

Any idea if Felix will be ready for the next game?

26-03-14, 14:15
I agree puck control and passing are killing us.

I also can not help but wonder since all of the games have been won by one point, what would have happened if we had not gotten rid of our second best scorer.......

26-03-14, 23:44
Yeah...It irks me that they removed his name and stats from the game programs. He's still on the team (technically) and his stats still count toward everything else.
The lines haven't been the same either. I understand wanting to try different things but the play-offs may not have been the right time to change that.