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    Rules for use in the forum\r\n\r\n1. Use the search engine (Suchfunktion) in the forum. With a little practice, you can quickly find the information you are searching for. Searching for words with less than four letters is deactivated to avoid overloading the database. The use of the search engine is highly recommended because the information you seek may already be answered in an existing thread, thus eliminating the need to open a new one. \r\n\r\n2. Post only in the correct forum (stay on topic). The forum is divided into different topics. The titles of the forums are named, so you instantly know what is discussed in each one. Also, under each header, there is a short description of the information contained within. This should be enough information for everyone to find the correct forum. \r\n\r\n3. No cross-posting. It is not allowed to cross-post among the forums. By cross posting, at least one of the threads is not on topic. If you are unsure where to post your comments, you can ask a moderator or admin by sending an email or private message (PM).\r\n\r\n4. Each new thread requires a title that is strong enough that everyone will know what information is found in the thread. The title of a thread is like the title of a newspaper article. This way everyone knows if the information in the thread is relevant to them or not. Please avoid titles such as “searching for….”, “Please help me”, “I have a problem”, “Please read”, or “what do you think?”. \r\n\r\n5. If you want to speak to a user, send an e-mail or a PM (private message). The Forum is for information for everyone in general. \r\n\r\n6. Direct links are not allowed. Including pictures in your posts is also not allowed. \r\n\r\n7. Be courteous to other users. Insults and swearing are forbidden.\r\n\r\n8. Postings recommending criminal actions will not be tolerated. \r\n\r\n9. Pornography is forbidden in this forum. Postings of this type are not allowed. We have many members under the age of 18 and fall under the youth protection laws. We cannot check the age of members, so we cannot tolerate this type of posting. There are enough other forums that contain this type of posting. \r\n\r\n10. Advertisements, Spam and ID’s are not allowed. Please understand that we have sponsors for this site and therefore cannot act as a free platform for advertisement. \r\n\r\n11. Defamation, discrimination, hate against foreigners, hate against politicians, hate against homosexuals, or hate against other people (or the call to violence against said people) will receive a warning and / or without warning deletion (post and user). \r\n\r\n12. The links to text, games, music, tones, logos, videos, and animation that is copyrighted is forbidden! (Included is content pertaining to this subject that could lead to these links). Breaking the rules in this paragraph will result in the users IP address being turned over to the proper authorities or firms. Also, discussions regarding why items were deleted, transferred to another forum title, or complaints about the moderators or administrators can be sent by PM or e-mail, or you can discuss them in the stammtisch forum.\r\n\r\nHave Fun!\r\nPaige, Jens, and Larry