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Supporter culture in Europe

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  • Supporter culture in Europe

    The fan culture around ice hockey is on the rise in many countries in Europe and it would be good to have a common forum about this.\r\n\r\nA newly established forum is not very attractive to anyone but if we get a European hockey forum going that is focusing on supporters and the culture around it, we may have a good thing going on.\r\n\r\nSo please help get this ball rolling, then we all can get much in return, and above all encourage the supporter culture across Europe.\r\n\r\nOur goal is to provide a large collection of Hockey Tifos. With this we need everyones help\r\n\r\n\r\nThis can be seen as a beta opening so please come with suggestions and feedback so we can improve the forum until next season.\r\n\r\nIf you have a blog, you can use the blog section to link to your own site. \r\nHowever, make sure to post some part (if not all) of your blog-post before you link it.\r\nYour blog can be in any language but otherwise only use English in the forum.\r\n\r\nThe intention with this site is not to make money but to hopefully inspire hockey supporters and the growth of it in Europe.\r\n\r\nCheck it out and spread the link if you like the idea\r\n\r\\r\n\r\nMit freundlichen Grüßen