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Thema: Information about the Youth-Teams in Mannheim


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    Jungadler Mannheim - EC Bad Tölz 08.10.11 17:30 Uhr/ 09.10.11 10:30 Uhr

    08.10.11 17:30 Uhr
    09.10.11 10:30 Uhr


    Saturday, der 08.10.11
    Sunday, der 09.10.11

    Preliminary report on the games :

    With the same number of games the Jungadler and the young lions separate 11 points and three places. While the Jungadler with 7 regular and one win in extra time at number two on the table against four wins and four defeats Tölz are currently fifth.

    Notable in the statistics is that no player of the. Striker with +10 and 15 points is Leon Draisaitl, same level on points with Dominik Kahun (+9) and Alexander Ackermann (+7). Best defender is Dominik Tiffels with 7 points and +11.

    EC Bad Tölz looks at the whole not quite so rosy from here, the top scorer Florin Ketterer +9 and 9 points offer the best defender Sebastian Koberger 3 points and +2.

    Parking is by the way this weekend, a real big problem. On Saturday, the Rhein-Neckar-Löwen play at 19.00 and it is Veterama on the weekend, so park at the May market is rather poor. On Sunday, James Blunt plays in the arena, here P 1 should be open.

    Squad Bad Tölz:

    On the edge of the bonds: see today: Crazy Germans in Canada Game 1

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