translated and condensed from information provided by Paige in the German part of this forum

20.1.12 ERC Ingolstadt - Adler Mannheim
Beginn: 19.05 Uhr



Webradio: -

Live st 19.00 on Sky Sport 2 and Sky Sport HD 2

Brill - Hauber, Holzer

Mannheim is currently in second place in the DEL, with 70 points, three points behind Berlin. Ingolstadt is in third place with 66 points. The two teams have played three times so far this season. The Adler have won two of those games, one at home and one on the road. They have lost one home game. All games were finished in regulation. The Adler are still playing with out Craig MacDonald and Christoph Ullmann both are injured and expect to return mid February.