Hi Leute,

die neuste Version von Tapatalk wurde installiert, bei Problemen bitte melden.



Update note:
1.fix unread topic issue on cookie based forum
2.fix image display issue with bbcode [timg]
3.fix max attachment number issue when upload image
4.fix quote issue when post username contains square brackets
5.fix youtube url detect issue when url contains blank at the end
6.fix search post and get user reply post display incorrect user name and post time issue
7.fix contents with LIST bbcode format issue
8.fix character entity references issue
9.fix total topic number issue related to deleted topics
10.fix moderation area pagination issue
11.fix topic prefix require status issue when post new topic
12.fix deleted post display issue
13.fix subscribed topic pagination issue
14.fix [ B ] bbcode display issue at some special case
15.fix max attachment number issue when it's unlimited
16.fix video resource detect issue
17.fix magic quote issue