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Thema: 21.9.12 Adler Mannheim - Straubing Tigers

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    21.9.12 Adler Mannheim - Straubing Tigers

    Translated and condensed from information provided by Paige in the German section of this forum.

    21.9.12 Adler Mannheim - Straubing Tigers
    19.30 Uhr




    2315 Servus Hockey Night

    Schukies, Zehetleitner - Mosler, Starke

    The Adler are currently in first place in the DEL with six points and Straubing is in eighth place with three points.
    Last season the teams split against each other both winning their home games.
    Both teams have met 22 times in the DEL with the Adler winning 68 percent. 15 Wins (13 in regulation) and 7 losses (4 in regulation). The Adler currently have no sick or injured players. (in German)

    Forum Straubing:

    Team Straubing:

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    The first period was great...they came out and started things right with a possible goal (video review) and just kept pushing. A lot of things have changed so far from last year...they are winning the face-offs, playing more offensivly, and taking shots on goal no matter the situation instead of dancing around with the puck looking for the golden shot.
    Second period wasn't that great...mistakes were made but they didn't give up. Same thing with the 3rd. You could tell both teams were tired but in the past the Adler would have stopped playing and allowed the other team to catch up...not last night. They pushed until they didn't have anything left.

    3 powerplay goals, 1 shorthander, and just capitalizing on any chance they could get...and a few skirmishes just to keep things interesting. Well Done Adler!
    Not just a game...a way of life

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