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Thema: 31.10.12 Adler Mannheim - Düsseldorfer EG

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    31.10.12 Adler Mannheim - Düsseldorfer EG

    Translated and condensed from information provided by Paige in the German section of this forum.

    31.10.12 Adler Mannheim - Düsseldorfer EG
    Begin: 19.30



    Webradio: -


    HSR: Aumüller, Roland
    HSR2: Krawinkel, Markus
    LSR1: Janssen, Seedo
    LSR2: Neutzer, Nikolas

    Mannheim is currently in second place in the DEL with 28 points. Eight points behind Cologne. Düsseldorf is currently in next to last place (13) with 16 points. The two teams have met once before this year with Frank Mauer scoring the winning goal for the Adler in overtime. The Adler have three injured players that will be unavailable for the game, Ken Magowan, Denis Reul, and Marcel Goc. The Adler will be playing with Twelve players in the offense and seven in the defense. Felix Brueckmann will be in goal for the Adler.

    Forum DEG:

    Team DEG:

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    Not to shabby of a game. They came out and played and continued on until about the third period but there weren't any major slip-ups to allow goals for DEG.
    The big points of the evening are Arent's 2 goals and he came close to a hat trick a few times. Bittner's and Belle's fights...and then the three Glumac, Hoefflin, and MacDonald..together they scored twice and MacDonald was in on another so half of the goals for the evening Felix didn't have to much pressure except for once and he was solid throughout. All in all a solid game was played...not spectacular but a solid game that was to be expected when playing the second to last place team.
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