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Thema: 25.11.12 Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg - Adler Mannheim

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    25.11.12 Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg - Adler Mannheim

    Translated and condensed from information provided by Paige in the German section of this forum.

    25.11.12 Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg - Adler Mannheim
    Begin: 14.30



    Webradio: -


    HSR: Krawinkel, Markus
    HSR2: Schütz, Richard
    LSR1: Höfer, Marcus
    LSR2: Hunnius, Sirko

    Mannheim is currently in first place in the DEL with 41 points, Wolfsburg is 13 (next to last) with 20 points. Shawn Belle and Mike Glumac join Ken Magowan on the injured list for Mannheim.

    Fun facts:
    Kai Hospelt and Aaron Brucklehurst bith with 15 points are the top scorers for the Grizzlies+++Wolfsburg has only won three of the last ten home games+++ this season the Grizzlies have run up a tap of 69 goals against+++in both the Power-Play and the Penalty Kill the Grizzlies rank 13th in the DEL+++The Adler have the best Power-Play and the second best Penalty Kill in the DEL+++The two teams have met twelve times in Wolfsburg and the Adler have only been able to win four of those games.

    Forum Wolfsburg:

    Team Wolfsburg:

    Arena Wolfsburg:

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    It shouldn't be that difficult to win against the second to last place team. And with the best power play in the DEL there should not have been any scoring attempts by Grizzly Adams against Mannheim.
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