I came in to comment on last nights game and discovered that I must not had clicked the button yesterday adding the game information.

I apologize for that. I should have double checked but was in to big of a hurry.

Ok to the game.


In my opinion it was very poorly played. I wonder what our pass percentage is, not good I am sure. We seem afraid to go into any battles on the boards and some players seemed afraid of the puck, while others could not stay on their skates.

A deserved loss.

Also while the rankings have us in second place, since we are two-three games ahead of most of the league we could easily (mathematically) end up in sixth place with no way to prevent it. (I have not taken the time to look up what teams are playing what teams so that is why I said mathematically). We were only in first for so long due to the amount of games ahead of the rest of the league we were. Now as they catch up the real truth will be coming out and it does not look good!!