Translated and condensed from information provided by Paige in the German section of this forum.

11.1.13 Iserlohn Roosters - Adler Mannheim
Begin: 19.30




Servus Hockey Night kompakt - 23.15 on Servus TV

HSR: Jablukov, Georg
HSR2: zz Gast, (IIHF)
LSR1: Kowert, Andreas
LSR2: Schelewski, Robert

Mannheim is currently in first place in the DEL with 66 points. Iserlohn is in 12 place with 42 points.

As far as I know the injured for Mannheim are Ullmann, Reul, and Janik. Magowan is scheduled to return to the ice tonight. Dennis Endras will be in goal for the Adler. Hecht will not longer play for Mannheim as he has signed a new contract in Buffalo.

Fun Facts:
Michael Wolf scored 22 goals in the last 26 games against Mannheim+++ No other player has had more success against Mannheim in the last 6.5 years+++ Mannheim has won three of the last five games in Iserlohn+++ In the DEL the Adler have only won 24 of 50 games against the Rooster +++ Michael Wolf And Mike York are in second place in the DEL scorer rankings behind Yanick Lehoux +++ The top two scorers for Iserlohn have only scored a combined one goal in the last four games

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