Translated and condensed from information provided by Paige in the German section of this forum.

15.2.13 Krefeld Pinguine - Adler Mannheim
Begin: 19.30



Webradio: -

23.15 Servus Hockey Night - Compakt

HSR: Fischer, Sven
HSR2: Schukies, Gordon
LSR1: Kyei-Nimako, Denis
LSR2: Schrader, Andre

Mannheim is currently in first place in the DEL rankings with 83 points. Krefeld is in fourth place with 70 points. They are point equal with Berlin who is in third place.

The two teams have met three times so far this season. Krefeld has won two of the three games one in regulation and one in overtime. The Adler won one game in regulation.

As far as I know not available to the Adler for today's game are Foster, Goc, and Plachta.

Fun Facts:
out of the first nine teams in the rankings Krefeld has the worst home record +++
Craig MacDonald will play his 200. DEL-Game today +++ Top scorer the Pinguine is Boris Blank (16 Goals, 27 Assists) +++ The Adler have earned points in the last six games in Krefeld +++ Christoph Ullmann has shot four goals in his last five games for the Adler +++ Yanick Lehoux is the number one scorer in the DEL (17 Goals and 32 Assists)

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