Translated and condensed from information provided by Paige in the German section of this forum.

3.3.13 Adler Mannheim - EHC Red Bull München
Begin: 14.30





HSR: Jablukov, Georg
HSR2: Klau, Steffen
LSR1: Hoppe, Benjamin
LSR2: Hurtik, Christoffer

Mannheim is in second place in the DEL with 93 points (three points behind Cologne). Munich is in ninth place with 68 points (three points behind Nuremberg and point equal to tenth place Hannover, Wolfsburg and Straubing both with 67 points are in places eleven and twelve).

Dennis Endras will be in goal for the Adler. Brueckmnn is out sick. The 17 year old,Young Adler Goalie Kevin Reich will be the back up goalie tonight for Mannheim. This will also be his DEL debut.

As far as I know Plachta, Wagner, and Brueckmann are unavailable for this game.

Forum München:

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