Translated and condensed from information provided by Paige in the German section of this forum.

20.3.13 Quarterfinals game #1: Adler Mannheim - Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg
Begin: 19.30



Webradio: -

21.03.2013 17:00
21.03.2013 18:30
21.03.2013 21:30
22.03.2013 00:30

HSR: Brüggemann, Lars
HSR2: Schukies, Gordon
LSR1: Hoppe, Benjamin
LSR2: Hurtik, Christoffer

The Quarter finals are the best of Seven.
All players with the exception of Dominik Biittner are available for the game..

The Adler won three of the four games this year against Wolfsburg.

Dennis Endras will be in goal for Mannheim.

Fun Facts:
The top four best scorer for the Grizzlies in the regular season had earned more points than the Adler's second top scorer Adam Mitchell ++ Matt „Diesel“ Dzieduszycki with 31 goals was the best goal scorer of the regular season +++ Yanick Lehoux was second best scorer (57 points) and third most assists (37 Assists) in the regular season +++ Tyler Haskins (421:325) and Kai Hospelt (347:406) participated in the most face-offs during the regular season for Wolfsburg +++ by the Adler there were six players that participated in the most face-offs all with a positive statistic +++ Wolfsburg had the fifth best power-play of the regular season (16,98%) and the sixth best penalty-kill (83,87%) +++ Mannheim was on the power-play (21,70%) and penalty-kill (86,33%) the number one of the regular season

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