Translated and condensed from information provided by Paige in the German section of this forum.

6.10.13 Adler Mannheim - Eisbären Berlin
Begin: 17.45



Webradio: -

Live on ServusTV at 17.30
RBB Sportplatz 22.20 Uhr

HSR: Brüggemann, Lars
HSR2: Bauer, Stephan
LSR1: Mosler, Markus
LSR2: Starke, Matthias

The next opponent for the Adler: Eisbaren Berlin

Berlin is currently in thirteenth (next to last place) in the DEL rankings with 8 points, while Mannheim is fifth with 13 points.

Injured for Mannheim: Hospelt, Fischer, Reul, Magowan, and Endras

Fun Facts:
Mannheim and Berlin will meet on Sunday for the 101. time in the DEL +++ the ratio of wins to losses between the two teams is dead even (49:49 wins and two ties) +++ The Adler have won 30 out of 49 home games in the DEL agaist Berlin (184:139 Goals) +++ Berlins Keeper Rob Zepp has played 32 DEL games against the Adler (2,60 goals against per game, save percentage of 92,2%, 4 Shut-Outs) +++ The Adler have won the last four home-games against Berlin

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