Translated and condensed from information provided by Paige in the German section of this forum.

22.11.13 Iserlohn Roosters - Adler Mannheim
Begin: 19.30





HSR: Brill, Marcus
HSR2: Krawinkel, Markus
LSR1: Kowert, Andreas
LSR2: Schelewski, Robert

The next opponent for Mannheim: The Iserlohn Roosters

Mannheim is currently in third place in the DEL with 40 points and Iserlohn is in thirteenth (next to last) place with 19 points

Injured for Mannheim: Christopher Fischer and Kai Hospelt

Player sitting out due to too many players on the Mannheim roster: undecided as of Thursday

In goal for Mannheim: Felix Brueckmann

Fun Facts:
This season the Roosters have only won one game in regulation at home +++ Marty Sertich is the second best point scorer and has the most assist in the DEL with 4 goals and 18 Assists +++ Michael Wolf is one of five DEL players this season that has shot at least 10 goals +++ Nobody in the DEL has takern more shots on goal in the DEL than Michael Wolf (93) +++ The Adler have only won nine of 26 DEL games in Iserlohn +++ Out of the last four game in Iserlohn the Adler have only bought home two points

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