Translated and condensed from information provided by Paige in the German section of this forum.

1.12.13 Hamburg Freezers - Adler Mannheim
Begin: 14.30



Webradio: -

NDR Sportclub 22.50

HSR: Piechaczek, Daniel
HSR2: Schütz, Richard
LSR1: Höfer, Marcus
LSR2: Hunnius, Sirko

The next opponent for the Adler: Hamburg Freezers

Mannheim is currently in third place in the DEL with 45 points, Hamburg is currently in fifth place with 42 points.

Injured for Mannheim: None

Players sitting out due to too many players on the Mannheim roster: Unable to find out which three players will be sitting out.

In goal for Mannheim: unable to find this information

Fun Facts:
Hamburg has seven home game wins in a row +++ Out of the 27 games that Mannheim has played in the Hamburger o2 World they have won 13 (81:79 goals) +++ out of the last four games in Hamburg the Adler have won three +++

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