Translated and condensed from information provided by Paige in the German section of this forum

20.12.13 Adler Mannheim - Schwenninger Wild Wings
Begin: 19.30



Webradio: -


HSR: Brüggemann, Lars
HSR2: Hascher, Alfred
LSR1: Hoppe, Benjamin
LSR2: Hurtik, Christoffer

The Next opponent for the Adler: Schwenninger Wild Wings

Mannheim is in sixth place in the DEL rankings with 48 points. Schwenningen is in twelfth place with 30 points.

Injured for Mannheim: Denis Reul (Broken hand), Steve Wagner (dislocated shoulder), and Ken Magowan (unspecified injury)

Players sitting out due to too many players on the Mannheim roster: Denis Reul, Steve Wagner, and Ken Magowan

In goal for Mannheim: Dennis Endras

Fun Facts:
Schwenningen is the weakest visiting team in the league (11 Points in 13 Games) +++ four of the SERC players have scored more than twenty points, for the Adler the top two scorers Yanick Lehoux and Marcus Kink both have only scored 18 points +++ In the last eight losses for the Wild Wings they have allowed at least five goals against +++ since the start of the DEL (1994) the Wild Wings have lost 12 of 16 games in Mannheim

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