Translated and condensed from information provided by Paige in the German section of this forum.

19.3.14 Kölner Haie - Adler Mannheim
Begin: 19.30



Webradio: -


HSR: Piechaczek, Daniel
HSR2: Zehetleitner, Florian
LSR1: Kowert, Andreas
LSR2: Schelewski, Robert

Game two of the best of Seven Quarter-Finals: Cologne leads the series 1:0

Injured for Mannheim: Christoph Ullmann (Season ending injury)

** Healthy scratch for Mannheim: Florian Kettemer and Dominik Bittner

**due to too many players on the roster three Adler must sit out each game, either injured or healthy scratch

In Goal for Mannheim: Dennis Endras

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Mannheim Quarter Finals Schedule:
Sunday, 16.3.2014, 14:30: Adler Mannheim – Kölner Haie
Wednesday, 19.3.2014, 19:30: Kölner Haie – Adler Mannheim
Friday, 21.3.2014, 19:30: Adler Mannheim – Kölner Haie
Sunday, 23.3.2014, 14:30: Kölner Haie – Adler Mannheim
Wednesday, 26.3.2014, 19:30: Adler Mannheim – Kölner Haie (if needed)
Friday, 28.3.2014, 19:30: Kölner Haie – Adler Mannheim ( if needed)
Sunday, 30.3.2014, 14:30: Adler Mannheim – Kölner Haie (if needed)

For the play-offs, face off time is: Weekdays, 19:30, Saturdays and Holidays 17:45, and Sundays 14:30

If a play-off game ends in a tie there will be a 15 minute break followed by a 20 minute Sudden Death Overtime Period. If no goal was scored the process will repeat itself until a goal is scored. There is NO SHOOT-OUTS IN THE PLAY-OFFS! The teams will switch sides for each period and the ice will be cleaned during the break between each period.

There will be a 90 second "power break" each period during regulation. There will be NO "power break" during Overtime Periods