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Thema: 21.9.14 Adler Mannheim - Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg

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    21.9.14 Adler Mannheim - Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg

    Translated and condensed from information provided by Paige in the German section of this forum.

    21.9.14 Adler Mannheim - Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg
    Begin: 14.30


    Webradio: -


    HSR1: Haupt, Bastian
    HSR2: Schukies, Gordon
    LSR1: Hoppe, Benjamin
    LSR2: Hurtik, Christoffer

    The next Opponent the Adler: Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg
    After three games played Mannheim is currently in fifth place in the DEL with six points and Wolfsburg is in third place with seven
    Injured for Mannheim: None that I know of
    In Goal for Mannheim: Unable to find this information

    Fun Facts: The Grizzly Addams have earned points in four of their last five games in the SAP Arena … The 0:5 loss on 30.12.2013 in the SAP Arena was not only the Adlers last game under Trainer Harold Kreis, but also the highest Home Game loss for the Adler in the DEL since January 2009 … Marcus Kink is the Adler best scorer against Wolfsburg, In the last 10 years he has scored 8 goals and earned 12 assists against Wolfsburg

    Forum/Social Media Wolfsburg:

    Team Wolfsburg:

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    They played pretty good and it was a more consistently played game then Friday. And more entertaining to watch. They fought back....each other, along the boards, in front of the net, etc.

    There is still a level of uncertainty of where their line mates are or should be for giving or receiving a pass...but that might be because it's only the 4th game of the season. As long as it doesn't persist then it should all be fine.

    There were some calls that should have been made but on a whole, the refs permitted an actual hockey game take place.
    Not just a game...a way of life

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