Translated and condensed from information provided by Paige in the German section of this forum.

28.9.14 Eisbären Berlin - Adler Mannheim
Begin: 17.45


Webradio: -

Live ab 17.30 Uhr auf Servus TV

HSR: Aumüller, Roland
HSR2: Brüggemann, Lars
LSR1: Janssen, Seedo
LSR2: Ponomarjow, Nikolaj

The next opponent the Adler: Eisbären Berlin
The Adler are currently in Second place in the DEL with 12 points. Berlin is in third with nine points.
Injured for Mannheim: None that I know of
In goal for Mannheim: Unable to find this information
I believe our new Trainer will not be letting us know who is in goal or which players are sitting out in advance. He decides who shortly before game time.

Fun Facts: Florian Busch has scored nine goals and has 24 assists in 42 games against Mannheim, Making him Berlin's best point scorer against Mannheim (that is currently still on the team) … The Adler have won 19 of 53 DEL games in Berlin (138:172 goals) … The Adler have lost the last five games in Berlin … The last win was a 2:1 win in game three of the German Championship final in 2012 … since the opening of the o2 World in fall of 2008, the Adler have only won three from 17 games in Berlin

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