Translated and condensed from information provided by Paige in the German section of this forum.

26.10.14 Adler Mannheim - Krefeld Pinguine
Begin: 17.45

Liveticker: -

Webradio: -

Live at 17.30 on Servus TV
WDR Sportschau (sport show) at 21.45

HSR: Bauer, Stephan
HSR2: Schimm, Willi
LSR1: Hoppe, Benjamin
LSR2: Hurtik, Christoffer

The next opponent the Adler: The Krefeld Pinguine

The Adler are currently in first place in the DEL with 30 points and Krefeld is in eighth place with 21 points

Injured for Mannheim: Frank Mauer (shoulder injury) and Ronny Arendt (back injury)

**Healthy scratch for Mannheim: None

**due to too many players on the roster two Adler must sit out each game, either injured or healthy scratch

In Goal for Mannheim: unable to find this information

Fun Facts: The Adler have won 39 out of the 72 DEL games against Krefeld in Mannehim (221 : 194 goals) +++ The Pinguine have won six of the last eight games in Mannheim +++ Daniel Pietta (five goals and eight assists) and Adam Courchaine (four goals and nine assists) are the top two point scorers for Krefeld +++ Krefeld (87,3%) has the best penalty kill in the league followed by Mannheim (85,2%)

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