Translated and condensed from information provided by Paige in the German section of this forum.

30.10.14 Nürnberg Ice Tigers - Adler Mannheim
Begin: 19.30

Liveticker: -



HSR: Brüggemann, Lars
HSR2: Schukies, Gordon
LSR1: Büse, Markku
LSR2: Velkoski, Stefan

The next opponent the Adler: The Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers

The Adler are currently in first place in the DEL with 33 points and the Ice Tigers are in ninth place with 22 points

Injured for Mannheim: Frank Mauer (shoulder injury)

**Healthy scratch for Mannheim: not able to find who will be the healthy scratch

**due to too many players on the roster two Adler must sit out each game, either injured or healthy scratch

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