Translated and condensed from information provided by Paige in the German section of this forum.

1.1.15 Adler Mannheim - Schwenninger Wild Wings
Begin: 17.45


Adler: -

Live at 17.30 on ServusTV -

HSR: Aicher, Simon
HSR2: Brill, Marcus
LSR1: Kowert, Andreas
LSR2: Schelewski, Robert

The next opponent the Adler: Schwenninger Wild Wings

The Adler a currently in first place in the DEL with 76 points. Schwenningen is in thirteenth with 28 points.

Injured for Mannheim: Jon Rheault (Muscle problem) may or may not be available for the game

Not available to play:
Matthias Plachta, third major penalty plus a five game suspension for boarding with an injury.
Marcus Kink, Suspended for two games for a knee check

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