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Thema: Carpool season 19/20 Kusel/Ramstein/Lanstuhl/Kaiserslautern

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    Carpool season 19/20 Kusel/Ramstein/Landstuhl/Kaiserslautern

    Hello fans of the Adler Mannheim,

    my name is Pascal, I was born in 1985 and I intend to buy a season ticket (Block 401/402) for the season 19/20.

    I search / offer a permanent carpool (to a person also owning a season ticket) from the regions:
    Kusel / Ramstein / Landstuhl / Kaiserslautern.

    I would most like to have a passenger who also owns a car. Then we could take turns driving to the SAP Arena.

    I am more of a comfortable driver. I like being in the SAP Arena early on. Punctuality and reliability are very important to me.

    - Smoking is not allowed in my car
    - For people with allergies: I have no pets.

    I can send you more details as a personal message if needed.

    I would be very happy about an answer.


    I apologize for spelling mistakes, English is not my native language.
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